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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Printed and ready to send off

Printed assignment 1 and my autobiography. Will send tomorrow as printer gave me a lot of trouble and it took me most of the day to get a readable copy. I’ve three printers and most of the time they don’t work. I’m constantly tinkering with them. I guess it’s time for a new one, especially if I want my instructor to receive my work in a timely manner. I’m attaching some changes I made to The Party that incorporates bits of John Smith from all three attempts. I backed off a lot of description that wasn’t of John. He’s the one you’re supposed to be picking out of a crowd, not the others nor the background. Hope you enjoy. (this is not the one I sent in. It's just more me-at least until I learn to incorporate the style I'm seeing in my assignments) I’m done and moving on to assignment 2.

The Party

Sarah finds Craig in the crowd. "Have you seen Mr. Smith?"

"Don’t think we will. You know he throws these parties, but seldom mingles. From my experience, who'd want to spend time with that arrogant bastard anyway?"

Arrogant?” she smiles in a knowing way, "are you starting rumors?"

"Rumors? No, facts. Last week he abruptly left a board meeting and ran into me. He growled his displeasure and continued down the hall. Heard later he didn't like the coffee service and went to Marie's to pick up his favorite."

She feels his eyes and looks up to see Mr. Smith in the living room. He's like a lone wolf. Always watching me from a distance. His commanding stance weakens her legs. "Craig, let's continue inside," she gestures down the hall, "the fireplace beckons."

"Wait here," Craig seats her on the wrap-around couch, "I'll get our drinks."

Sarah is mesmerized by the flames that dance and crackle with the music. Once again she feels him and looks up in time to see Mr. Smith turn away. Rising, she carefully clears the large, coffee table. Her quick steps click across the floor. Anxious, she calls out, "Mr. Smith, please wait."

He stops and turns. His large, dark brown eyes question. His melodic, soothing voice beckons. "Sarah, glad you could make it. Hope you're enjoying the party." He takes a couple of champagne glasses from a passing server and offers her one. "Red looks great on you."

"Thank you," she takes a sip, "I love your home and am always grateful for a chance to visit."

His smile widens, thinning his upper lip and deepening his dimples. Sarah's heart quickens in her throat and flushes her face. He takes her gently by the elbow and escorts her through the dining room crowded with invitees. John and Sarah exit onto the balcony. He shuts out the din of conversations, music and the light laughter of his guests. She continues to the balcony. The cool mountain breeze ruffles his roguish hair and highlights the chestnut spikes with a reddish tint.

At the rail she looks out. "I love how you nestled this huge place among the trees." His gentle arms wrap her securely against his warm body. She looks up into his begging eyes and inhales deeply of his sandalwood and ginger cologne with a hint of pine from the forest. He nuzzles her, his breath tickles her lips.

"John, I..." she fights for control of her emotions, "I.."

He silences her with a tentative kiss.

She gasps and pushes him away.

"What?" he asks, his voice deeper. He rubs her shoulders then pulls her closer, his hands on her lower back.

Her heart races between her chest and abdomen when he chews on his full lower lip. She grabs him by the collar of his tux and pulls his six foot plus height into her passionate reply. She looks up into his dimpled smile, "What about the board?"

"Everything will be fine, I promise."

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