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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The story end and setting

I read some information about the ending. So many put a lot of effort in the beginning, but tend to forget a satisfying ending. I recently finished a book whose ending bothered me. I felt like the author was in a hurry to get to the end. Gone was the writing that kept me reading. Now I was getting a lot more telling, (the book contained a lot of telling as well. I often wondered, 'how did he feel,' 'how does she feel,' 'what's he thinking,' what's she thinking,' etc) and things were moving too fast and too convenient. It was like the author had grown tired of writing or revising and just let the end go.

This is what I learned to watch for with the end
  • Confirm all questions are answered. Especially the main question that may not have been expressed. Don't leave the reader with unanswered concerns.
  • Make sure the subplots are also closed or resolved.
  • The end needs to be satisfying. Not that all endings have to end well, but it needs to follow the flow of the book. If you can, make the ending a surprise, even if you're giving the reading the ending they way.
I also read about setting and character's in a short story. Since the story for Assignment 2 is 750-1000 words, the scene should not change by very much. My story takes place in a park with a paved jogging path. The part of the path the story takes place has trees transforming into their fall clothing. A wooden bench is nearby. Everything takes place in this part of the park. I also have to consider the number of characters in this story. Because this is so short, I have decided to keep it at two main characters (there is reference to her sister, son, daughter, and husband). Should I decide to add anyone else, it has been recommended that I don't name them, but note them by their job. ie policeman or woman, driver, etc. I've found a couple more stories to read that provide examples of a one character story and a character only described just enough for the reader to know they exist. Will let you know about them Monday.

In such a short story, I also need to remember to keep the dialogue tight.
    Until next time.....Happy writing

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