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Monday, January 23, 2012

Reading and more reading. Lots to add today

When writing remember to consider whether your choice of words for description are sensory or judgmental and ensure both are used at the appropriate time. Sensory words included sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. (ie My tongue is tingling from the pineapple sauce on the ham. The roar of the engine is reverberating in my chest.) Judgmental, evaluation or opinion words are that describe the sensation. (ie He/she is attractive. The meal is delicious.)

As I've stated before, my writing begins with what comes to mind and I write it on paper. Then I let that set for a couple of days. Finally, I fill in the details. When filling in the details I try to visualize the scene and place the sensory details. As above, these details are either actual or judgmental. Sometimes I even find the story going into a totally different direction. I write everything down and chose the direction that feels best. I've had stories come out so much better when I allow the story to follow its own path rather than mine.

As promised, here are the recommended reads for short stories and few characters.

'Menu'. This was a story of about 1000 words. It's sad. The main character loses his girlfriend and is depressed at the beginning and is on the mend by the end. Other than knowing the main characters name, no other character is named. Just their position and a brief description. Yet, you know who they are and their presence in the story. Interesting.

And 'I've Looked Everywhere!' is a story about loss. The list is incredible, not only the usual losses, her phone for one, but also personal and important paperwork losses. The list is presented in an entertaining way and brings lots of 'yeah, me too' thoughts. This story has one main character and the reader, referred to as 'you'. As if you are there listening to her conversation. She mentions family, in passing,  and gives you small tidbits of their personality. You learn a lot about her based on her list. She's been married a couple of times and may have a boyfriend, she sometimes pampers herself and is getting older. All in all, another interesting story.

Assignment 2 is in the computer. I've added background to the scene and tightened the dialogue. I'll let it set a couple of days and begin revision. In the meantime I'll be working on Assignment 3, a short article based on my interests. This will be nonfiction. I've been doing a lot of thinking about this, so I'm ready to begin my research. I once wrote about Singapore and I think that's what I'll do again. I really liked what I learned and that's the first thought that came to mind when I looked ahead to this assignment. Some day, I'm going to visit.

Until next time-Happy writing and reading.


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