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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today's accomplishments

I read more from Assignment 2. I worked on the Story Plan Worksheet and read The Girl with the Click Click Eyes and Blood Lilies. Each story showed different types of problems a character has to overcome. They were recommended reading to see how a problem can make a strong story of its drama is high. I really enjoyed Blood Lilies and am very glad it was 'mild horror'. I'm not much for reading horror.

I finished the Winter Wonderland Prompt. Here it is. Hope you enjoy my version of winter.


     Early morning and late evening, ear piercing squawks confirm winter has arrived in Southern Florida. Phone and electric wires are lined with arguing birds establishing their rights to perch. Snowbirds and migrant workers congest the major roadways. The farming community kicks in with fields of vegetables and fruit trees, clothed in greens. Smells of fresh turned earth, wet dirt and pesticides fill the nose depending on the stage of crop production. Patches of brown, shriveled, thirsty grass or forested areas of coniferous and green leafed trees, divide the tracts. U-pick fields yield strawberries, tomatoes and beans. Backyard gardens provide an abundance of the same as well as lettuce, peas and the ever prolific squashes-mainly yellow and zucchini.
    The sun calls it a day before the evening meal. Cooler temperatures, in the 60's to 70's (sometimes 80's) and nights 20 - 30 degrees lower, force locals to bundle in sweaters and jackets while the snowbirds sport shorts and t-shirts. Would you like to see for yourself? Come on down and we may bask in the noontime sun, drink lemonade and watch the impatiens bloom.

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